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Don’t miss the Celebrity Appearances, Saturday, April 28th!

For the past 10 years, RCX has rocked the hobby with a weekend of fun, hands-on excitement and an opportunity to meet and talk to some of the top people in the industry. Diecast has always been a part of the show, but this year, we’ll be bringing the new Die Cast X team, a new level of commitment and a new name: the Die Cast X Collector’s Expo, taking place on April 28-29, 2012, at the Long Beach Convention Center.What’s the point? It’s simple: like our co-collectors who love RC, we know that diecast collectors have a true passion for the hobby, appreciate automobiles in every scale, and know, as we do, that collecting isn’t just a pastime— it’s a lifestyle. We want to promote the hobby, and that lifestyle, by sharing our common bond. Cars are cool in every scale, and we know that there’s always something for everybody when we all get together.The Rundown (so far)We have learned that Maisto / Muscle Machines is sending out a crew, and so is M2 Machines; in fact, head designer Sean Taylor (profiled in the Spring 2012 issue of DCX) will be on hand to talk to collectors about his brand’s impact on the hobby—and the new deal they’ve penned with the incomparable Chip Foose on his new diecast line. Sean will also be bringing a special release to the show—our very own DCX 1969 Camaro Pace Car.And for the Hot Wheels fans … Larry Wood was a Hot Wheels designer at Mattel for 40 years, and was inducted into the first class of the Die Cast Hall of Fame (with me and Joe Kelly Jr.) in 2009. Larry’s got over 280 different Hot Wheels designs to his credit—with his first being the “Tri-Baby” from 1970—and he’ll be bringing some of his rare prototypes, sketches, and even some of his 1:1 cars to the event. Some of those real cars were made into Hot Wheels; you probably played with some of them. Eric Tscherne is a 2011 Inductee of the Die Cast Hall of Fame, and was a Hot Wheels designer at Mattel from 1998 to 2004, best known for his import tuner type designs. Eric’s style brought about the “Hot Tunerz” line, which led to many of the ‘Tooned,”"Fatbax,” and “Hardnozed” series. Eric designed over 25 different cars during his tenure with Hot Wheels; after leaving Mattel, he went on to design the “Chub City,” “Dub City,”"Import Racer” and “Big Time Muscle” cars for Jada Toys. From there he worked at Johnny Lightning, where he created the “Full Throttle” line, featuring designs from Chip Foose and TLC’s Overhaulin’ TV series.Jimmy “The Boxman” Chavez (Die Cast Hall of Fame 2009) will be celebrating 15 years in diecast customizing—with 3 of those years as a Hot Wheels Packaging designer. Jimmy’s niche is creating and “building” novelty packages for the diecast cars he makes—more than 85 at last count; Dave Chang (Die Cast Hall of Fame 2009) is the creator of the Evo Drag Bus, Evo Drag Bus Recovery and the Evo Surfwagen, as well as some incredible graphics that put these models into real-world images. These innovative designs—and Dave’s art—have gotten him a lot of recognition.Chris Parker (Die Cast Hall of Fame 2011) is the man behind the HotWheelsCollectors.com. Known as “The Man with the Can,” when Chris isn’t playing a pivotal role in Mattel’s brand presence at the larger conventions, he’s terrorizing unsuspecting attendees with Silly String. You have been warned.Chris Walker “Nightstalker” – (Die cast Hall of Fame 2009) He is the Hulk Hogan of the diecast customizing world. He has been making his signature custom die-cast for 10yrs. From the US, to Mexico, and Japan, he has made hundreds of events cars for the biggest shows around the world. Head guru behind Alien Projects, designer for Shelby Collectibles, and had his hands in many designs from a variety of companies. He is currently the inspirational brain-child behind the latest from Hot Wheels with the new 25th scale Boss Hoss Redline Replica.Bryan Pope (Die Cast Hall of Fame 2010) never thought he would become an award winning customizer of diecast cars. Coming from a long line of farmers Bryan chose a different path and studied graphic design. Combining his passion for art with his love for all things automotive has led Bryan to a fulfilling career in diecast customizing. Bryan dedicates countless hours to maintain his status as a premiere creator of original diecast customs, he has travelled around the country and world to showcase his work all while being fortunate enough to live out his dreams. Be sure to stop by the Diecastspace.com booth to pick up some of Bryan’s event exclusive pieces.Also Appearing in the Die Cast Space booth is Albert Avila “kool51″. Customizing since 1999 he has worked with some of the top die cast companies in the industry and is a licensed customizer for DiecastSpace.Com. Albert is best known for his realistic looking fire flames. You can see his work at the 2012 RCX event courtesy of DiecastSpace.Com. Also to appear at RCX 2012 is Hall of Famer and licensed customizer SD Chop Shop Tony Monzon.

We’re also excited that the mavens of mass model hysteria, the guys from DiecastSpace.com, are bringing along their “DiecastSpace.com Collector Interactive Zone,” including full-sized custom cars, a two-lane downhill track, a surprise celebrity guest, a head-to-head build-off between two surprise guest customizers, an open-call customizing contest and more. An added bonus: an exclusive, event-only custom-imprint DCX car (type to be announced), made in a run of only 50 pieces.

If you’re looking for a few new additions, there will be vendors a-plenty, including Die Hard Diecast (who will be sponsoring the “Custom Alley,” featuring one-off creations from Jimmy “The Boxman” Chavez, Alvaro Gonzalez, and David Chang), Far Out Collectibles, Big Lou’s Collectibles, and Mike the Diecast Guy, among others.

All in all, it promises to be a great couple of days—and you’re invited. Stop in and say hello … but keep an eye out for the guy with the Silly String.

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Chris Walker – Diecast Customizer and Designer

Chris Parker – The man behind Hotwheelscollectors.com
Larry Wood – Diecast Designer

Mike Zarnock – Hot wheels Historian
Sean Taylor – Diecast Designer
Eric Tscherne – Diecast Designer
Jimmy “The Boxman” Chavez – Diecast Designer

Dino Laspada – Diecast Customizer

Tony Monzon – Diecast Customizer

Albert Avila – Diecast Customizer

Brendon Vetuskey – Hot Wheels Designer
A 1949 Mercury that has been downsized to a 1:64 M2 Machines diecast model. See this great ride and other 1:1 scale feature cars within the Diecast X Collectors Expo area
- Die-Hard Diecast will be offering this exclusive Sledster combo at their booth.
A 1969 Pace Car Style Camaro exclusive that M2 Machines will be offering at the show.
Die Hard Diecast offers enthusiests another sneak peak at additional event exclusive vehicles which will debut at the show.
More great customs
available in the Custom Alley
Another great custom that will be available in the Custom Alley

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